Winter Trends

Winter is my favorite time of the year as for outfits. You can layer up/stay warm and still look cute. During the winter time, I tend to overdose on leather and fur. But this year my absolute favorite is Statement sleeves. I love the bell sleeves shirts/sweaters.

1.Colorful Fur


Everyone knows that during winter time fur always dominates as the yearly trend. But this year it’s more of the bright fur that is turning heads. Both faux and real fur pieces capture the eyes as soon as one walks in. I love wearing fur with either leather pants or skirt and at times with jeans for a more casual yet chic look.

2.Puffer coats


Puffer jackets according to Elle (2016) are for a chic but cozy night out. I couldn’t agree more! I love this trend because you can layer up underneath and still fit into the jacket.

3.Statement Sleeves



My absolute favorite trend is the super-flared sleeves. Let your sleeves do the talking this season with the bell sleeves to ruffles to flares and off the shoulder. Personally, I choose to wear it as simple as possible. Since the sleeves are pretty much dramatic. I like to wear it with jeans, smart sweats, or a plain skirt.

4. Loads of Leather


Leather has always been my favorite during winter. A few of my favorite leather pieces are biker jackets, leather pants/skirts. Leather



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