Summer Trends

Summer time isn’t too far away, one word: Finally!! Summer is my second favorite season as for outfits. I am totally over the cold weather and in desperate need of sun:( So since I’m looking forward to summer here’s a list of my favorite trends.

1.Off shoulders

The off shoulder trend is still alive, and going strong. It has been overly used throughout spring/summer trends of 2017. Not that I’m complaining. Barring the shoulders creates a flirty yet chic look that will for sure result into a feminine look.

2.Slipping shoulder x Ruffles 

Slipping off the shoulder shirts and dresses is considered as both flirty and sexy. The combination of professional and casual with a touch of sexiness flirty really appealing for the ladies to wear out on the streets.

3.Cinched sleeves 


Throughout this year statement sleeves played a huge role. However, cinched sleeves is a particular trend that appears to be on of the hottest spring/summer trend. Personally, I would wear it with simple jeans since the sleeves are already dramatic since its volumized and puffed. This is another look that is perfectly professional like yet fashionable.



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