Fall Trends

To create amazing outfits, why don’t you consider what’s trending now? This fall, my favorite trends takes a more “luxurious style” on the street style. Here’s a list of my favorite fall trends at the moment.

In this blog post, you will be familiar with my favorite fall trends!


bluebelvelt velvetblue

Velvet is both an autumn and winter fabric that brings a classy yet cool vibe to your look. The midnight-blue or the royal blue is my favorite when it comes to velvet. I like to wear velvet with leather or a simple cotton shirt. ex: leather jacket and velvet pants or velvet pants and a cotton shirt.

2.Plise & Pleats

This trend is literally everywhere! Nearly every store has a piece of the either or both of the P’s. It’s an elegant chiffon style that could work for either day or night. Personally, my wardrobe has several pieces of Plise& Pleats. I think its something that is worth adding to your wardrobe.



plllf  plllllls

Shearling jackets/vests- my absolute favorite out of the list. It’s rocking the streets with its luxurious yet street style vibes. It keeps you warm yet stylish. I recently wore smart-casual sweats with a black shearling jacket and got lots of compliments on my outfit ( specifically my jacket)


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